Enjoy a bedbug free home and business

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Enjoy a bedbug free home and business

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Our Bedbug Services

We at Maine Pest Solutions are experts in bedbug elimination. We treat bedbugs with the most advanced liquid material treatment available. We are extremely thorough, ensuring all areas prone to bedbugs are treated. We understand that you do not want to spend another night with bedbugs and we do not want to waste time and money returning to treat the property again. Our goal is to eliminate the bedbugs on the first visit.

We typically resolve a bedbug infestation in as little as one treatment, saving you lots of time and money. This is very important when you do not want to be displaced from your home or apartment several times throughout the year like many other pest control companies require.

Bedbug Service Plans

We also have a bedbug maintenance program for hotels and apartment buildings that have a higher risk of bedbug infestation. We take pride in our bedbug program and have cleaned up many buildings other companies have failed to resolve time and time again.

Know the Facts About Bedbugs

If you think you have bedbugs it’s better to contact a professional team that can respond fast and effectively diagnose and eliminate your problem. We find when responding to these calls, a high percentage of people wait months spending lots of time and money trying to take these bedbugs on themselves because they’re either embarrassed of the issue or have heard it costs a small fortune to get rid of them.

This issue is nothing to be embarrassed about. We can all get bedbugs and it doesn’t matter how clean you or your home is, we have seen them all. And as far as the price goes, we’re a small business with bills ourselves and know how it can be having a large unexpected expense. We keep our prices at a reasonable rate, sometimes much lower than our competition. We will arrive and treat you and your property as if you were a member of our own family and will work with you to resolve this issue.

What Bedbugs Look Like

A bedbug nymph is nearly colorless. Adult bedbugs are brown to reddish-brown, oval-shaped, flattened, and range from microscopic to larger in size. Their flat shape enables them to readily hide in cracks and crevices. The body becomes more elongated, swollen, and dark after a blood meal.

Common locations where bedbugs can be found are around beds, headboards, mattresses, mattress seams, crevices, picture frames, luggage, and furniture. Be sure to check for signs that bedbugs have been around. Look for blood spots, dark fecal spots, eggs, and egg casings.

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