Insect Elimination

Maine Insect Elimination

Maine Pest Solutions treats for all insects, including Carpenter Ants, Bees and Wasps, Earwigs, Spiders, Occasional Invaders, etc. Maine Pest Solutions can customize a residential or commercial program for your needs. We do not require a contract, because we believe you should only pay for services when you need them. We provide one-time services with a year-long guarantee, so if the issue returns, we will return to retreat at no additional charge. We will provide a free quote by phone and a free inspection to those in the Bangor area.

Bed Bugs

Maine Pest Solutions’ Bed Bug Program includes many options, including heat treatment, chemical treatment, canine detection, and Nightwatch monitoring. Our heaters can treat multiple units at the same time, providing a cost-savings to our customers. Chemical treatments are highly effective as well. Accurate detection and monitoring allow us to quickly, quietly, and effectively identify and treat bed bugs, giving you greater peace of mind in the future.


The cockroach program is a proven, integrated pest-elimination approach that uses multiple strategies to eliminate cockroaches and protects against future cockroach infestation.


With the outbreak of Lyme and other diseases, tick protection has become even more crucial. You need to protect yourself and your family from dangerous tick bites. If you have pets, tick prevention becomes even more important. Our plan keeps your home and surrounding area free of ticks. Constant vigilance is important, and additional periodic treatments may be necessary.


Nobody likes those pesky mosquitoes. As if you need more reasons to dislike them, they carry blood-borne diseases like Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Malaria, West Nile Virus, Zika, and many more. Keep mosquitoes away from your living area with our extensive selection of treatments. Our seasonal plans mean you only pay for protection when the mosquitoes are active.