Residential Pest Control

Maine Residential Pest Solutions

Maine Pest Solutions believes you should have pest services in your home only when you need them, during pest season. Why pay for pest services during months when pests are not active or pay monthly for services you receive quarterly.

Maine Pest Solutions can provide a regular service schedule if you need it, but we won’t force you to have a year round program if you don’t need it or want it. We can guarantee most pests for the year with a one or two treatment plan. If you are experiencing summer time pests, why pay for services during the winter months? Maine Pest Solutions will customize a program for you and treat accordingly to the pest and season. Our no contract policy allows you the flexibility to only have and pay for services as you need them. We can put together a pest program for your home from a one-time treatment plan to a quarterly plan, but you only pay us when we do the service. We don’t require payment when we are not actually performing a service.