Rodent Elimination

Maine Rodent Elimination

Maine Pest Solutions takes the approach of trapping mice and rats on the interior of a structure and baiting for mice and rats on the exterior of a facility. We look at possible entry points where mice and rats enter a building and we seal those areas, while trapping mice and rats on the interior.

Along the exterior of a structure it is necessary to place secured stations with rodenticide to reduce the population of mice and rats otherwise known as ‘rodent pressure’ to a facility. Reducing the mice and rat pressure along the exterior of a facility, will reduce the chance of mice and rats entering a facility. We do not believe it is wise to use rodenticides for mice and rats inside a structure due to many factors:

  • Mice and rats can die in areas where they cannot be retrieved easily.
  • Mice and rats can translocate the rodenticides throughout the facility.
  • Once mice and rat rodenticide is trans-located throughout a facility it creates the potential of children and pets to come into contact with that mice and rat rodenticide.
  • If the mice and rat population is properly maintained along the exterior, there should not be a need to place rodenticide inside a facility.
  • Mice and rats can live up to 72 hours and become disoriented after ingesting rodenticide adding to the potential of customers seeing rodents in your facility.
  • Using an adequate amount of mice and rat traps can reduce numbers quickly without the potential of sightings of mice and rats in your facility.

Mice and rats, while similar are actually very different from each other. Mice are very curious to new things in their environment while rats are very shy to new things. Mice get most of their necessary water requirement from the food they eat while rats gravitate to water and prefer high moisture content in their food source. Mice are solitary rodents; males live alone while females live only with their pups. Rats are structured and communal.

With proper food and shelter mice can live very comfortably in a 10 x 10 area. Both mice and rats have high body surface to low body mass requiring the need to stay warm. Mice and rats will travel along walls as not to be easily seen by predators and when mice and rats feel warm air from inside a facility they will search for an opening to enter.